My Fingers Were Hurting at Work

I work in a small cubicle every day, typing thousands of words of dictation. The pay is very good for the type of work I do, but it can get quite lonely. The other downfall is that every now and again, my fingers just do not want to cooperate anymore. I used to suffer through this until I could get my feeling back, but it started taking longer and longer for that to happen. I overheard someone in the cafeteria not long ago talking about her Redding chiropractor and how he helps her keep her fingers in great shape.

I had no idea what she meant by that, so I confessed to her that I had heard her conversation. It was so worth it though for two reasons. The first is we found out we had a lot in common and have become quick friends. The second is that she told me all about her carpal tunnel and how her chiropractor helped her get through it. I knew already that I did not have that, as it is something that I keep a close eye on. I was not sure if I had some type of nerve damage though with how often my fingers would tingle.

Since I need them to continue making a nice living, I decided to make an appointment at her chiropractor’s office. I explained on the phone why I was calling, and I was scheduled for an appointment for the following week when I had a day off. I had to fill out my medical history and undergo a painless exam, and then the chiropractor explained how adjustments can actually help my fingers. It was easy to understand with the way he explained it, and he was right about them helping me too. I feel so much better now, and I don’t have that problem anymore now that I see him on a fairly regular basis to have my back manipulated.